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X will compete with YouTube through its upcoming TV App, long-form videos

Elon Musk reveals that long-form videos coming soon to smart TVs via X. That means X is all set to compete with Youtube TV app. X also presents ‘Articles’ feature for comprehensive content sharing, as part of its plans to evolve into a video-first platform.

Renowned tech magnate and billionaire Elon Musk has informed that long-form videos will soon be available on smart television sets through his social media network X (formerly twitter). The declaration comes in the wake of reports by Fortune magazine stating that the platform is all set to launch a TV app next week for Samsung and Amazon users. In October last, X launched a preliminary iteration of audio and video calling, in sync with Elon Musk’s goal to evolve the platform into an all-encompassing everything super app that integrates messaging, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, and, most recently, long-form video content.

Reacting to a user’s inquiry on X, Musk confirmed the impending availability of long-form videos on smart TVs via X with a concise “Coming soon.” As per the Fortune’s sources, the X TV app is anticipated to be akin to Google’s Youtube TV app, signaling Musk’s determination to compete with the popular video-sharing platform. As X attempts to establish itself as a “video-first platform,” the platform has been proactively forging strategic associations with prominent figures, including former CNN anchor Don Lemon and former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson.

In a very recent development, X, formerly known as Twitter, has also introduced a new feature called “Articles.” This launch coincides with a critical period for the microblogging platform, facing potential regulatory changes in the EU, particularly under the Digital Markets Act. The Articles feature allows X users to share comprehensive content on the platform, including images, videos, posts, GIFs, and links, apart from plain text. The official blog post puts emphasis on users’ ability to format their articles employing various options like headings, subheadings, italics, bold, strikethrough, indentation, numerical and bulleted lists. The audience control functionality allows users to decide who can access their articles. While it is possible to share the articles with the entire X community, users also have the facility to restrict access to a specific audience.


X (formerly called Twitter) has seen complete transformation post acquisition by Elon Musk in 2022. Earlier, X was merely a micro-blogging platform that would let users to share their thoughts with the world in very limited words. But now, the social media platform is targeting to be much more. From allowing job postings to aiming to grant users the facility to make payments on the platform in future, X is definitely not what we once knew it to be. In this backdrop this news has come that a TV app might be here soon as Elon wants to compete with YouTube in the video streaming space.

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