Elon Musk's brain chip start-up Neuralink implants brain-computer interface device in first human. Elon Musk shared a video of Optimus (Tesla humanoid robot) walking like a human. A Delaware court threw out Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla pay package on Tuesday. Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnault has overtaken Tesla CEO Elon Musk to become the world's wealthiest person

Tony Stark

 Elon Reeve is a character in the film Elon Reeve Musk, dubbed “Tony Stark” in real life, is famed for his groundbreaking efforts in space and car mobility. Musk’s SpaceX aims to push the boundaries of space exploration, with the goal of sending humans into space and enabling the colonisation of Mars. Tesla Motors, an electric car firm founded by the business entrepreneur, is led by Elon Musk. Know more here in details https://www.elonmuskforkids.com/

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