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The Boring Company

Hey kids, so The Boring Company. Holy Moly, what is Elon doing here? Digging holes in the ground I hear you say. Precisely. That is what Elon, and his company are doing, digging holes, well tunnels to be exact, in the ground. WOW!!


So, why is the question, and also how! And what will this achieve exactly. So here goes!

The Boring Company was founded by Elon in 2016 and is an American infrastructure and tunnel construction company.

The purpose of The Boring Company is to solve problems with traffic congestion, by digging tunnels underground, that will allow a more ‘autonomous’ approach to the driving experience and will shorten the time of road travel for commuters.

The Boring Company’s mission is to create safe, fast-to-dig, and low-cost transportation, utility, and freight tunnels. In doing this, it will solve traffic problems, and will enable rapid point to point transportation, which will transform cities.





Elon always says, that ‘we need to make roads 3D, rather than 2D’, which is really what they are now. To make roads 3D, The Boring Company will try to solve the following problems, and to work on the following projects.



Digging tunnels under the ground of large cites will achieve 3D travel.

  1. Solve Traffic: The main goal is to solve serious traffic problems in very congested cities and build up areas, that will allow drivers get to where they are going faster, and to have a better experience.
  2. Beautify Cities: The success of the underground traffic tunnels, could actually free up the overground roads in cities, that could be an eyesore, allowing re-development of the areas in to beauty spots. Sounds great!
  3. Enable Hyperloop: The tunnels can be used to enable the ‘Hyperloop’ and if you have not heard of the Hyperloop, you are in for a treat. The Hyperloop is a future high-speed mode of travel.







The Boring Company has 5 main products, and here goes.

  1. LOOP. The loop is the underground transport system aimed at cities to reduce traffic.
  2. UTILITY. Provides access to multiple utilities without surface disruption.
  3. FREIGHT. To move freight by shipping containers, seamlessly.
  4. PEDESTRIAN. Pedestrian loop, as a safe way for pedestrians to move around and avoid congestion.
  5. BARE. The company will design and build a BARE tunnel.



  1. Vegas Loop. The most noteble project of The Boring Company is the very impressive Vegas Loop. Think of the London Undergroud (or any other underground metro), but for Cars. That is what the grid look like when it is completely finished. The Loop will have 51 stations, and will connect the strip with the airport and other locations in Las Vegas, and even in time to Los Angeles.
  2. R&D TUNNEL / HYPERLOOP Test Track. These projects located in California, are used for further research & development (R&D Tunnel) and Hyperloop testing. Both of these projects and completed,







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Fun Facts About The Boring Company

  • The Hyperloop’s speed exceeds 600+ miles per hour.
  • The Boring Company’s future plan is to create a loop between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  • In 2018, The Boring Company invented and sold 20,000 Flamethrowers.
  • The Boring Company’s headquaters is in Austin, Texas.
  • The Boring Company was first formed as part of SpaceX.

Q&A Corner

  • Name 1 product of The Boring Company?
  • Where is the Vegas Loop based?
  • Where is The Boring Company’s headquaters?
  • What is the mission of The Boring Company?
  • In what year was The Boring Company founded?

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