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Tesla EV helps driver to outrun Hamas gunmen in wild chase, Elon Musk reacts

Amid the commotion of the recent Hamas attack in southern Israel, a man from Kibbutz Mefalsim made a heroic escape from over a dozen armed Hamas terrorists in his Tesla Model 3 Performance. Recognised as “C” and a member of the settlement’s emergency squad, his Tesla played a vital role in his dreadful escape.

As the Hamas group launched a volley of rockets from Gaza, C got a call to head to the assembly point. Shrapnel had disabled his Apple Watch still he immediately set out in his Tesla. The terrorists, equipped with Kalashnikovs and a machine gun, recognised him from a distance of ten yards and opened fire.

Unaware probably that it was an electric vehicle (EV), they took aim at the non-existent engine and later on at the back, trying to ignite a fuel tank that quite naturally wasn’t there. C’s tires were also shot at, but the Tesla’s acceleration and dual-drive system enabled him to dodge the attackers.

Tesla’s extraordinary performance

The Tesla that boasts of over 530 horsepower engaged in a high-speed pursuit with a Toyota truck. Approx. 15 armed terrorists pursued C, who was absolutely determined to reach safety. Despite sustaining around 100 bullet holes and a cracked front window, the EV continued to function.

C reached speeds of up to 110 mph even with flat tires because the dual-drive system balanced the wheels. C eventually needed to be extricated from the Tesla by rescue teams and taken away to receive medical care.

C’s trouble left the Tesla riddled with bullet holes, but it still persevered, not overheating despite the damage. Tesla founder Elon Musk conveyed his relief that C survived this traumatic incident. ‘Glad he made it!’ said Tesla and X owner Elon Musk. Musk was replying to post of head of Israel’s Freedom Party, Gilad Alper. Alper posted, “This is the amazing story of how Tesla saved the life of one of the first Israelis to face Hamas. The story appeared on Walla website.”

The daring escape occurred during a period of heightened conflict, with Hamas starting a deadly attack on southern Israel. In reaction, Israel launched airstrikes that significantly damaged Gaza. The situation intensified further, leading to a total siege of Gaza, affecting its already longsuffering population. Thousands have been killed or hurt, with Israel pledging to dismantle Hamas and deploy a ground offensive in Gaza.

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