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Scott Galloway, NYU professor with 560,000 followers, claims he’s been locked out of his X account for over a fortnight after declining to meet with Elon Musk

Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at the New York University (NYU), claimed on Tuesday that he was deprived of his access to his X account just for ticking off Elon Musk and even after 17 days his access has not been restored.

According to insider, Galloway said on the Threads app on Tuesday, “A mutual friend reached out and said Elon feels ‘unfairly attacked,’ by me, and wants to meet but I declined.” The Messenger reported, Galloway in an email said, “It’s a private company, and he (Musk) owns it – his right to lock me out. However, if he has restricted my access for refusing to meet with him, he should tone down the ‘Free Speech’ blather.”

The NYU professor, who is an author and public speaker too, has half a million followers on X (formerly twitter). Galloway, who has a history of criticizing Musk, had been posting too much against Musk recently. On July 27, he slyly commented on a Reuters investigation that had concluded that to suppress complaints about vehicles’ driving range Musk’s company Tesla had created a secret team. “Tesla intentionally gave drivers rosy driving range projections, leaving many stranded. BUT you should totally bank with X,” he wrote. Musk had responded to this by calling Galloway an “insufferable numbskull” and suggesting that no investment strategy would be better than to do just the opposite of Galloway’s suggestions.

According to Insider, earlier too Galloway had posted several times on Threads criticising Musk. Galloway said in one post, “Elon would have been a legend … if he hadn’t started tweeting.” He put an image of Musk shirtless in a post in which he joked about the Palo Alto police catching a man “high on ketamine, and wanting to fight”. He was slyly referring to the Musk vs Zuckerberg fight.

Galloway’s case should be seen in light of the revelation that certain new websites critical of Musk were being slowed down by X. Professor Galloway’s claim is also that he has been locked out of his X account for appearing in a podcast of Kara Swisher critical of Musk. Galloway is well-known critic of Musk. He told Huffington post last year that Musk exhibits “total lack of grace” as leader of X and suggested that Musk has a “bit of a God complex.”

Galloway is not ready to give in yet. He wrote in a Threads post, “Lord Elon, after refusing to take a knee (meet), you banished me from the Twitter Hamlet—true story. I demand trial by combat! Don King has agreed to host a battle to the death before a Taylor Swift concert. If you agree, I shall get an MRI that reveals bone spurs. FREEDOM (speech)!”

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