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People with no kids should lose voting rights, suggests Musk

Twitter owner and father of nine Elon Musk has suggested that voting rights of people with no kids should be curtailed. This suggestion from Musk will surprise few as he is the same person who stated that biggest challenge that civilization has faced so far is collapsing birth rate. Musk has been a staunch advocate of multiple child bearing and says that it is the best solution for under-population crisis.

People are not surprised that Elon Musk is demanding revocation of voting rights of people don’t have kids but still this suggestion has stirred up a hornets’ nest on twitter. Tesla boss didn’t propose this idea but definitely endorsed it while responding to a user. The said user had stated that democracy is not workable long term without limiting voting rights to parents. Father of nine Elon Musk supported him. Musk had in the past said that childless had little stake in the future.

Elon Musk had stated in his All-In Summit speech, “Some people think that having fewer kids is better for the environment. It’s total nonsense. The environment is going to be fine even if we doubled the size of the humans.” He further stated, “At least maintain our numbers. We don’t necessarily need to grow dramatically, but least let’s not gradually dwindle away until civilization ends with all of us in adult diapers, in a whimper.” He judiciously used the example of Japan’s dwindling birth rate. He said, “Japan is a leading indicator here.” He had claimed that Japan will cease to exist because of its dwindling birth rate.

Musk has made his opinion clear in no uncertain terms about the issue of child bearing. He has said that dwindling birth rate will eventually cause civilization to dwindle. He says that having kids is not bad for environment, in fact it is necessary for maintaining civilization. He has even talked in some detail about fears of modern-day parents and explained how it doesn’t add up. “I’ve heard many times; ‘How can I bring a child into this terrible world’,” Elon Musk said. “I’m like ‘have you read history?’ Because let me tell you, it was way worse back then,” he added. It seems Musk walks the talk, his actions are absolutely congruent with his sayings, he advocates bearing multiple children and he himself is father of nine children.

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