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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman takes a dig at Elon Musk’s Grok AI chatbot (competitor of his ChatGPT)

Probably overcome by jealousy and insecurity OpenAI CEO Sam Altman took to X to roast Elon Musk and his ChatGPT-competitor – AI chatbot Grok. Here is what he posted on X.

Sam Altman woke up and took the bull by the horn. This morning, the OpenAI CEO shared a post taking a jibe at Elon Musk that too on Musk’s very own microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter). The post comes within days of Musk launching his own AI bot, named Grok, to challenge ChatGPT.

Sam Altman posted a screenshot of latest version of ChatGPT, which lets users to create fully-customized AI chatbots called GPTs. In the screenshot, Altman requests ChatGPT: “Be a chatbot that answers questions with cringey boomer humor in an awkward shock-to-get-laughs sort of way.” “Great, the chatbot is set up! Its name is Grok. How do you like the name, or would you prefer something else?” the GPT builder replies. Caption of Altman’s tweet was “GPTs can save a lot of effort”. It revealed his intention of taking a dig at Elon Musk and his AI chatbot Grok. His wit points to the camaraderie and playful competition within the tech sector.

Since OpenAi’s generative AI tool ChatGPT burst on the scene a year ago, the technology has been an area of fierce contention between tech giants Google and Meta, as well as Microsoft and start-ups like Stability AI and Anthropic.

Musk has reasoned he cofounded OpenAI in 2015 because he considered the rush by Google into the sector to make big advances and score profits as reckless. He then quit OpenAI in 2018 to concentrate on Tesla. Musk has now launched his own AI chatbot Grok last week. According to Musk, Grok is programmed to have a dash of humour in its reactions.

Netizens have responded enthusiastically to Sam Altman’s tweet, engaging in a witty discussion about AI wars and a possible roast battle between ChatGPT and Grok. “Sam woke up today and chose violence,” one user wrote. “Would love to see a roast battle between ChatGPT vs Grok,” another user wrote. “I love when the AI wars transpire on twitter thru memes,” retorted another user. “You’re not supposed to say the quiet part loud Sam,” joked one user. “shots fired! let’s just hope Elmo doesn’t ban OpenAI links now,” another user tweeted.

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