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Musk triggers anticipation for launch of new feature on twitter called ‘Articles’

Twitter is developing a new feature that might greatly alter the way users engage with the twitter platform. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, recently informed that twitter is working on a new transformational tool called “Articles,” which will empower users to publish extensive and intricate write-ups, complemented by different media formats. Musk underlined that this feature will permit users to share long-form content. He insinuated that one could even publish a complete book on Twitter. Musk said replying to a user, “This will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want.”
This development will be a very big expansion of Twitter’s capabilities and a clear departure from its original microblogging roots. Twitter Blue subscribers have already been granted the freedom to compose tweets with up to 10,000 characters and 280-character limit remains imposed on non-Blue subscribers only. Twitter Blue subscription is accessible in India for Rs 650 a month on the web and Rs 900 on mobile devices.
This new feature may be a transformational one but this is not the first change twitter has undergone post takeover by Musk. It seems previous changes were precursor to this major transformational change. After this change twitter will cease to be a microblogging site at least for twitter blue subscribers. This is nothing but yet another lure for content creators to remain on the platform. Twitter has already offered revenue-sharing opportunities for content creators. Twitter needs to do much more to prevent content creators from migrating to other alternative platforms like threads or substack.
Although Musk did not provide any specific release date for the “Articles” feature, people can expect it to appear suddenly as Twitter has developed a penchant for surprising launches without any prior warning post takeover by Musk. As the platform continues to expand its range of offerings and explore newer better ways for users to engage, this particular feature promises to provide a superb platform for sharing detailed multimedia-rich content.


It would be interesting to see if this new feature called ‘Articles’ revives the faltering fortunes of twitter. Twitter has already taken many steps to revive its faltering fortunes with limited success. Revenue sharing with users was one such step. In light of new competition twitter has to face newer challenges. Musk has himself admitted that twitter was grappling with negative cash flow and NYT has also reported a 59% fall in ad revenues of twitter.

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