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Tesla employee hailing from Minnesota arrested for threatening to kill Elon Musk and Joe Biden


  • Justin McCauley, a Tesla employee hailing from Minnesota aged 31, arrested for threatening to kill Tesla CEO Elon Musk and US president Joe Biden.
  • McCauley’s shockingly alarming posts on social media led to instant law enforcement action.

Justin McCauley (a Tesla employee from Minnesota aged 31), recently made news for making terrorist threats against Joe Biden (US President) and Elon Musk (billionaire entrepreneur) and getting arrested for that. McCauley’s bothersome words sparked instant concern and resultant was immediate law enforcement action.

Threats came to the fore via McCauley’s digital declaration

The disconcerting saga began when McCauley affirmed his plans online. McCauley blatantly stated on platform X that he would assassinate Joe Biden and Elon Musk. In one tweet, he declared, “@JoeBiden @X @Tesla @Elonmusk, I am planning to kill all of you.” These belligerent posts drew the attention of authorities, who responded instantly.

Path of concern: From Minnesota to Texas

McCuley’s excursion from Minnesota to Texas was full of unexpected encounters and red flags. His wife, startled by his declarations and his resolution to leave for Texas to never return, instantaneously alerted Rogers Police. McCauley, who was well conscious of potential surveillance, had left his phone behind. This, in combination with his scary online threats, aggravated the issue.

On 26th January, Oklahoma law enforcement intercepted McCauley when he crossed state lines. In the course of conversation, he shared a wish to talk with the US President, which caused further concerns. His mysterious remark, “Wouldn’t you want to talk to the president if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?” provoked major questions about his mental health and plans.

Austin Confrontation: Arrest and alleged threat call

McCauley persisted with his aggressive approach when he reached Austin, Texas. The local authorities detained him during his effort to visit the Tesla Gigafactory to have a word with Elon Musk. The situation became more upsetting when a threat call was reported at the Tesla Gigafactory. While it is still unclear whether McCauley was behind this call, the timing and circumstances added to the gravity of the issue.

McCauley’s threats was taken seriously as it was viewed in the backdrop of Elon Musk’s own concerns about his safety. In December 2022, Musk had publicly highlighted the huge risk he perceives, saying, “The risk of something bad happening to me or even literally being shot at is quite significant.”

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