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Elon Musk’s Xadds new job search feature and becomes a potent competitor of LinkedIn

In Short

  • X now has a new job-search feature.
  • Users get the facility to filter jobs on the basis of seniority.
  • Elon Musk has announced the development himself.

Elon Musk has persistently talked of converting X into the “everything app”.After his takeover of X (formerly twitter) in 2022, the platform has seen a sea change and has retained only looks of the pre-Musk era. Twitter (now X of course), was a platform where users could use limited charactersonly to share their thoughts with others. But now, users have the option of sharing long-form videos, write longer posts, buy premium subscription, and a lot more. X was also targeting to turn into a job search platform and according tothe latest reports, the company just added a job search feature taking it even closer to LinkedIn.

A post by web developer Nima Owji publicized X’s fresh feature (job search feature) that lets users filter the results on the basis of experience level. Apart from this, people can also look for jobs from specific companies. These two features are most important features of LinkedIn.”#X keeps working on the search filters for the job search! You’ll also be able to choose the seniority and also search for jobs from specific companies,” Owji stated in his post.

Owji’sthis post was re-shared by Doge Designer and in due course by X boss, Elon Musk himself.Last month, X had said that over 1 million companies on the platform were looking to hire candidates. More than a million job postings have already been posted on the platform across various industries, a post by X Hiring divulged. Even Elon Musk hadreshared the post on the platform.The post stated, “There are more than 1 million job postings live on X right now! Companies across AI, financial services, SaaS, and more are finding qualified candidates using X Hiring every day.”

Apart from becoming a job search platform, X is also devising multiple ways to assist users to connect with each other. Just recently, X permitted users without a premium subscription to make audio and video calls. Earlier, this feature was available to Premium subscribers only.An engineer at X (Enrique Barragan), recently publicized the update on the platform, signaling a noteworthy expansion in the accessibility of the app’s calling capabilities.

X had presented audio and video calling facility to iOS users last year, originally offering it as a premium feature before opening it up to a wider audience.Earlier this year, the calling feature was made available for Android users too. Nonetheless, it remained limited to premium subscribers. Elon Musk had previously dropped hintsabout a broader rollout by the end of January.

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