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Elon Musk’s X takes on LinkedIn, launches job hiring feature for monthly fee of Rs. 82,000

X (formerly Twitter), recently publicised its plans to compete with professional networking site LinkedIn, stating that verified organisations can enjoy access to the X Hiring Beta. With the fresh function, companies who pay $1,000 per month for their verification status, will now have the liberty to display job ads on their X profiles.

“Unlock early access to the X Hiring Beta — exclusively for Verified Organizations. Feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates, X wrote in a post on X. This is how X announced launch of hiring feature on the platform. This feature will bring X and LinkedIn in direct contest. The feature will help verified organisations find relevant candidates for the job roles posted on X Hiring Beta. They can also import job data using applicant tracking systems (ATS) or XML feed.

Hiring feature costs monthly fee of $1,000 (around ₹82,300) and is available exclusively to verified organisations. Observers are calling this step significant for making X an “everything app”. X’s intention to widen its scope in tech industry becomes amply clear by this step though this hiring feature may not become an instant challenge to LinkedIn.

X’s Hiring feature is more or less in its testing phase, grants verified organisations an option to post job listings on their profiles. Only premium subscription holders have access to the new venture. Premium subscription service has become far more accessible due to recent adjustments to the platform’s premium program requirements.

Recent acquisition of Laskie, first major acquisition by X post takeover of X by Musk, could be at the back of this move of adding hiring feature to the X platform. Creation and roll out of the new hiring feature could have been the result of integration of Laskie’s expertise into development of X platform. Currently verified organisations will not have to shell out anything to post jobs on the X platform. They can post a maximum of 5 job roles on their profiles.

Due to rigorous screening and verification job seekers are getting a safe and reliable space for job search when they get access to job offerings from a large database of verified organisations. Job listings will appear on the profile of companies and can be searched by location, criteria and keywords. Job seekers can apply for jobs directly on X and employers can also contact job seekers through the platform.

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