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Elon Musk tests Twitch-like feature on X

Elon Musk shared a 40 minute video of himself live-streaming Diablo IV on his social media platform X (formerly called Twitter). The billionaire stated that he is testing a feature akin to Twitch.

Elon Musk’s liking for gaming isn’t unheard of. And his goal of transforming X (formerly Twitter) into the ‘everything app’ that can do it all is well known too. Possibly that is the reason why the Tesla, X and SpaceX owner is looking to offer stiff competition to Twitch- a famed video game live-streaming platform. On Monday, Musk logged in to X purportedly with his gaming handle and began an hour-long live stream of himself playing Diablo IV. The game is hugely popular but it can be a challenge for casual gamers. But Elon, sitting pretty at level 95 in the game, appears to have come a long way and shared a short gameplay video.

Elon Musk plays Diablo IV

At the start of the livestream, Musk can be seen conversing with people who joined in, enquiring them about the audio quality, screen visibility etc. Once people confirm that they can actually hear and see Musk, he gives a measured laugh and begins playing the game. The billionaire, towards the end of the livestream, also informs that only Twitter Blue subscribers will be allowed to use the chat option during the livestream.

“Just a quick test of X video game streaming,” Musk keyed in from his gaming handle. Although the original live stream is over an hour long, Musk shared a small representative clip of it via his official handle and wrote, “Tested the X video game streamer system last night. It works. Will try to complete a Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon tonight live on this platform.”

In yet another tweet, Musk informed how he used to intern at a video game company long ago and wrote software codes for them. He also divulged the name of his reporting manager at the time and stated that he was one of the first to purchase a Tesla when the car got launched. “As a summer intern many years ago, I wrote software for video games at a company called Rocket Science. This was long before SpaceX was even conceived. Didn’t realize until a friend gave me a copy today that they included me in the credits. I reported to Bruce Leak, who, many years later, was one of the first to buy a Tesla,” the billionaire stated.

Elon Musk’s love for gaming

Musk’s love for gaming finds mention even in his biography written by Walter Isaacson. The book discloses that Musk’s gaming obsession began quite early when he was just 13 and how he, at that young age, created a video game ‘Blaster’ and sold it to a magazine. Blaster involved destroying hydrogen bombs loaded alien space freighter.


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