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Elon Musk is serious this time about removing legacy blue checks

Elon Musk

The tone of Elon Musk’s today (12 April 12, 2023) tweet says more than the tweet itself. He has put extra stress on the word final and offered the exact date instead of any range. His tone seems to suggest that no exceptions will be made, no extension will be given and everybody will be painted with the same brush. This step will be a great leveler.


Till now blue checks seemed to be discriminatory. Only the elite got blue checks and it was beyond the reach of commoners. This step of Elon Musk will bring everybody on a level playing field. Ironically this step is facing opposition from people with deep pockets only. The question arises why this egalitarian step has hurt moneyed people so much despite their paying capacity. They can shell out the fees for a blue check but still, they are hurt by this step because their egos have been hurt, this step has converted their feeling of entitlement to a feeling of hurt. There may not be uniformity in the pricing of Twitter blue across the globe but one thing is uniform across the globe, crybabies shedding tears. These crybabies are all from the elite class. Indian crybabies are finding it difficult to shell out rupees 900, an amount not enough for their day out.

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