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Elon Musk calls uploading by Apple of full episode of its sci-fi show Silo on Twitter a great move

Aftershocks of twitter’s decision to allow twitter blue members to upload two hour long videos have started to be felt within a month. Apple has uploaded episode one of its latest sci-fi show, Silo, on Twitter (Apple TV Plus handle) facilitating free viewing of the said episode. Twitter owner Elon Musk has hailed the uploading. Apple has been a trendsetter hence it is expected that other OTT platforms may also follow in the footsteps of Apple and release their originals on twitter. Twitter’s move to allow uploading of videos on twitter will have far-reaching consequences.
After acquiring twitter Musk has introduced some remarkable features on this social media platform. A twitter blue subscription that enables blue tick addition to the profile for a modest monthly fees has been introduced. Users can avail this service on the web, Android and iOS. Posting long-form tweets, editing tweets and many other conveniences are now available to twitter blue subscribers.
In future twitter may allow posting of videos longer than 2 hours but right now first thing to do is to watch first episode of Silo for free on twitter. Silo is a dystopian drama television series starring Oscar-winner Tim Robbins and Rebecca Ferguson. Based on the “Wool” novel by Hugh Howey, it is one of the latest Apple TV+ shows.
Nine episodes of this show has already been telecast and 10th episode and season finale is set to premiere on Friday, June 30. In no time the show has become one of the most popular offerings on Apple TV+. It received positive reviews from both fans and critics almost immediately after its launch. At this juncture posting of first episode of the series on twitter could be a promotional attempt. This may have been done to arouse interest in those who have not shown interest in the show till now. That means new facility to upload videos of up to two hour length on twitter can be used for marketing purposes too. Twitter has quite some reach and charges for twitter blue subscription is also quite low. So, twitter blue subscription can be used as a cheap platform for advertisement. Flurry of promotional videos can be expected. If other OTT platforms follow in the footsteps of Apple then twitter will become an entertainment platform too.

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