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Elon Musk boasts that Tesla phone can be used from Mars

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a picture of Tesla Phone on Twitter and passed on the information that it comes with X pre-installed by nonchalantly asking his followers if they would like to use the phone which comes with X pre-installed. After Musk tweeted in the Tesla phone netizens quite expectedly could not keep calm. Since being posted, the said tweet has already garnered more than 6,394 retweets, 4.7 million views and 85.7K likes.

In a reply to a twitter user the Tesla CEO said it was very likely that Tesla phone would have connectivity with Starlink as it absolutely makes sense. This particular twitter user had stated that he would like to own a Tesla phone if it was a satellite phone and had connectivity with Starlink. Starlink is SpaceX operated satellite internet constellation known to provide high speed broadband internet. Reason why Starlink is able to provide high internet service is because it is world’s first and largest satellite constellation using low earth orbit. Most satellite internet services use single geostationary satellite 35786 km away from the earth and hence latency is too high making support for steaming, gaming and video calling impossible. Starlink on the other hand is a constellation of thousands of satellites orbiting the earth just 550 km away and hence latency is considerably low making support for steaming, gaming and video calling possible.

Musk was flooded with queries about Tesla phone. A twitter user named Habibi enquired if Tesla phone runs on xOS and said that if in fact Tesla phone runs on xOS then he would like to use it 1000%. Ryan, yet another twitter user, desired to know the size and weight of the Tesla phone. He ostensibly passed the information through a tweet that he would love to use the Tesla phone in case its size and weight is same as his beloved iPhone 12 mini. Tesla CEO’s prompt reply to this was that the phone “would only be better! Never worse.” Musk’s boast that Tesla phone could be used from mars came while replying to a twitter user who desired to know about the Starlink connectivity.


If the claims of Tesla CEO Elon Musk about Tesla phone whose pic he shared on twitter on Tuesday are to be believed then this tesla phone will be a game changer. The phone will have connectivity with Starlink. This will give access to high speed broadband internet service to the users on the move. Starlink unlike other satellite internet service providers offers support for streaming, gaming and video calls.

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