Verified twitter accounts are now prioritised
8th of June 2023 11:35:22 AM


The latest announcement of Twitter CEO Elon Musk is that verified twitter accounts have been prioritized. What this means is not clear as twitter is yet to elaborate on this new development. In the past there was uniformity among blue ticked verified accounts but now that uniformity is lacking. Legacy blue ticks disappeared and then […]

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Chip is approved for human testing finally
6th of June 2023 07:18:31 AM

Neuralink chip

Neuralink has got approval for human trials of its brain implant from the US Food and drug administration (USFDA). This is a significant milestone in its mission of developing a brain implant with at least 100 times more brain connections than devices currently approved by the USFDA. Neuralink has been working on this mission since […]

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Didn’t know says Elon Musk
5th of June 2023 07:59:44 AM

Was this clarification needed? Can a CEO as busy as Elon Musk keep track of day to day affairs of one of his companies? In the course of an interview with BBC broadcast live on Twitter space Musk clarified that he was not aware of the incident of Twitter’s removal of content related to the […]

Mars manned mission about to come out of realm of imagination
4th of May 2023 06:18:33 AM

Till now human missions to Mars have been in the realm of imagination. Imaginative science fiction books describing human visits to Mars are being written since the late 19th century but the time is now ripe for human missions to Mars to become a reality. One person who seems surreally passionate about bringing the manned […]

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Starship will fly again post FAA mishap Investigation
2nd of May 2023 11:45:54 AM

Elon Musk-led SpaceX was not at all disappointed with the failure of the maiden test flight of Starship and looked fully geared up for the next test launch but every plan for the next launch need to be put on hold till the federal aviation administration (FAA) completes investigation into the failed test launch. Elon […]

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Starship successful launch cum abrupt unplanned explosion
24th of April 2023 06:47:11 AM

SpaceX is in celebratory mode since its attempt to send starship spacecraft into orbit for its maiden test flight failed. Why is SpaceX celebrating failed attempts? Great strides that SpaceX made courtesy of this failed attempt justify the celebrations. Successful take-off of Starship is no mean feat and SpaceX is celebrating that. This was a […]

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SpaceX to attempt launching Starship for second time
21st of April 2023 05:13:14 AM

SpaceX was to launch its Starship for its maiden test flight on Monday (April 17, 2023) but shelved the plan nine minutes before the scheduled liftoff. It was decided that the next attempt to launch Starship would be made on April 20, 2023. Yesterday is April 20, 2023, and SpaceX is ready for the launch. […]

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Maiden test flight of SpaceX Starship postponed for 20th April, 2023
18th of April 2023 06:08:24 AM

SpaceX has chosen Thursday (April 20, 2023) for the second attempt to test flight its ambitious Starship (starship spacecraft and super heavy booster integrated). The first attempt to test flight Starship was scheduled for yesterday (April 17, 2023) but it got shelved. At 394 feet, Starship is 90 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. […]

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Elon Musk is serious this time about removing legacy blue checks
17th of April 2023 10:43:00 AM

Elon Musk

The tone of Elon Musk’s today (12 April 12, 2023) tweet says more than the tweet itself. He has put extra stress on the word final and offered the exact date instead of any range. His tone seems to suggest that no exceptions will be made, no extension will be given and everybody will be […]


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Twitter has ceased to exist on paper
12th of April 2023 09:46:44 AM

Twitter Inc has been merged to Elon Musk owned entity X Corp. This effectively means twitter has ceased to exist. X Corp a privately held corporation has absorbed twitter. X Corp is basically a shell company incorporated in Nevada. This incident has added to the uncertainty arising out of takeover of twitter by Elon Musk […]

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