Elon Musk's brain chip start-up Neuralink implants brain-computer interface device in first human. Elon Musk shared a video of Optimus (Tesla humanoid robot) walking like a human. A Delaware court threw out Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla pay package on Tuesday. Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnault has overtaken Tesla CEO Elon Musk to become the world's wealthiest person


1st of March 2024 10:30:07 AM

Key Points xAI (Elon Musk’s AI startup), is alluring investors by leveraging Musk’s exceptional track record as an entrepreneur and the concept of “Muskonomy,” which ostensibly refers to his network of companies. xAI’s pitch deck purposefully highlights Musk’s leadership and strategic partnerships with X and Tesla, while also citing the success of rival OpenAI as […]

Tesla employee hailing from Minnesota arrested for threatening to kill Elon Musk and Joe Biden
19th of February 2024 12:15:16 PM

KEY HIGHLIGHTS Justin McCauley, a Tesla employee hailing from Minnesota aged 31, arrested for threatening to kill Tesla CEO Elon Musk and US president Joe Biden. McCauley’s shockingly alarming posts on social media led to instant law enforcement action. Justin McCauley (a Tesla employee from Minnesota aged 31), recently made news for making terrorist threats […]

Elon Musk’s X platform to introduce peer-to-peer payments
1st of February 2024 08:03:24 AM

KEY POINTS X (Elon Musk’s social media platform), formerly Twitter, announced it will introduce peer-to-peer (P2P) payments this year. The company stopped short of giving specific details about how the payments will happen or when will the official launch happen. Musk has been attempting to transform X into an “everything app,” where users are able […]

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Worth of X has dipped by 71% post Musk’s takeover, Fidelity estimates
4th of January 2024 07:53:45 AM

Believe it or not, current worth of X (the social media platform formerly known as Twitter), is 71% lower compared to its worth at the time of its takeover by Elon Musk in late 2022, according to Fidelity. The investment group made this disclosure precarious for Musk on Monday. This is the second time it […]

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First India factory of Elon Musk’s Tesla to be in Gujarat, announcement likely in Vibrant Gujarat event
31st of December 2023 10:13:10 AM

January 2024 will see a new beginning for Tesla that is finalizing negotiations for its very first manufacturing plant in India. The plant will be set up in Gujarat and quite naturally the announcement will be made at Vibrant Gujarat Summit scheduled in January 2024. Finally Tesla is entering Indian manufacturing arena with its upcoming […]

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Media Matters sued by Elon Musk’s X over ad controversy, billionaire asserts ‘first of many’
19th of December 2023 11:33:06 AM

Liberal media advocacy group Media Matters is being sued by Elon Musk’s X Corp for allegedly manipulating its algorithms and fabricating posts to drive away advertisers. A lawsuit was filed in a US federal court in Texas. It was quoted by the NYT as stating: “Media Matters has manipulated the algorithms governing the user experience […]

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Elon Musk addresses accusations of antisemitism: ‘Nothing could be further from the truth’
18th of December 2023 11:20:40 AM

Tech magnate Elon Musk on Sunday tried to tackle public backlash to his recent post on X (formerly Twitter), in which he seemed to validate an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about Jewish people espoused by another X user. “This past week, there were hundreds of bogus media stories claiming that I am antisemitic,” Musk posted on […]

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Elon Musk offers genuine apologies for not meeting Piyush Goyal at Tesla factory
7th of December 2023 11:29:11 AM

Tesla chief Elon Musk and Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal were scheduled to meet during the minister’s US visit within months of Musk meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the meeting didn’t happen. Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal could not meet Elon Musk at the Tesla factory as the businessman was allegedly […]

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman takes a dig at Elon Musk’s Grok AI chatbot (competitor of his ChatGPT)
5th of December 2023 07:24:11 AM

Probably overcome by jealousy and insecurity OpenAI CEO Sam Altman took to X to roast Elon Musk and his ChatGPT-competitor – AI chatbot Grok. Here is what he posted on X. Sam Altman woke up and took the bull by the horn. This morning, the OpenAI CEO shared a post taking a jibe at Elon […]

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Neuralink triggers buzz, thousands willing to volunteer for Elon Musk’s brain chip implant startup
3rd of December 2023 11:00:45 AM

After bringing incredible change in the automobile and space industry with his companies, Elon Musk is no out to revolutionise the neurotechnology sector with his company Neuralink. Neuralink is all set for human trials of its brain chip implantation, with thousands expressing willingness in receiving one. For a while now, this startup of Elon Musk […]

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