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Announcement of launch of Insta’s twitter rival ‘Threads’ invites swipe from Elon Musk

Finally keenly awaited announcement has come. For quite some time now anticipation of launch of rival of twitter by Meta was lurking in the air. Even the bout of cage fight to be held in future between twitter owner Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was fixed because of reaction of Elon Musk to the news of anticipated launch of twitter rival by Meta.

Facebook and Instagram of Meta along with twitter are easily the biggest social media platforms. So, quite obviously there can be no better competitor of twitter in microblogging paradigm other than Meta. Twitter was having a free run in microblogging world and people wanted a formidable competitor. Many companies tried to compete with twitter in its stronghold but couldn’t match.

Twitter is pioneer in microblogging and taking it on is not a joke. Only a competitor like Meta can prove to be a formidable opponent to twitter in its stronghold that is microblogging. Twitter in anticipation of the threat from a competitor like Meta has been lately trying to improve itself. It has introduced umpteen new services for twitter blue subscribers and has now ceased to be a pure microblogging site. Twitter blue subscribers are now allowed to post long articles just like Facebook.

Meta has named the rival of twitter to be launched by it ‘Threads’. ‘Threads’ is making its debut in USA on coming Thursday (6th July 2023). Wait for the announcement of potent rival to twitter has ended but eagerness to see how new entrant ‘threads’ fares against its established rival twitter has taken birth. Threads has set its goals very high and is aiming to revolutionise social media paradigm. Because of the reputation of parent company Meta people are anticipating fresh ideas and different user experience.

It seems that twitter owner is wary of ‘Threads’ and hence he has taken a swipe at it. He may not be very happy about the launch but influencers, industry experts and above all users are quite exited. People want to explore ‘threads’ to decide for themselves that it can live up to the hype that it has created or just fizzle out. Curiosity about its key features and its impact on social media landscape is quite understandable. Users can simply not wait to experience ‘threads’ first-hand and as the moment of reckoning is coming closer eagerness is increasing.

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