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Amid tensions, Elon Musk makes Tesla Superchargers free in Israel

Tesla owners have the facility to charge their vehicles for free in Israel now by virtue of the decision of Tesla to make all superchargers free to use to facilitate travel amid escalating tensions. Tesla CEO Elon Musk passed on this information via X (formerly Twitter).

Superchargers are Tesla’s quickest charging stations that can provide up to 250 kW of power, according to some media reports. Tesla’s electric vehicles when connected to a supercharger for just 15 minutes can get enough charge to run up to 200 miles. Musk’s announcement comes at a time when the West Asian country is facing terror attacks in the country in both the northern and southern parts. In the past too Tesla offered free Supercharging in areas where Tesla owners seemed in need of quick evacuation from dangerous areas. This includes areas encountering natural disasters like California wildfires and hurricanes in Florida, and also conflict zones such as during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

When questioned about the possibility of helping Gazans by an X user, Musk replied that he would love to help the residents of the war-torn country, but couldn’t owing to the prevailing situation. He said, “I would like to help those in Gaza who want peace but have no way to do so. In general, I want all humans to be happy and prosperous, without regard to race, creed, religion or anything else.”

He also shared his hope that electricity and other essential services would be restored fast in Gaza. In the meanwhile, the Israel-Hamas conflict entered day 5 and there is no signs of de-escalation. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) sustained its mission of dismantling Hamas’ terror network in Gaza. Hamas, which has been affirmed a terrorist outfit by a number of countries, carried on its fight with low-intensity rockets.

In quite a significant development, PM Netanyahu and Benny Gantz (the former defence chief and leader of the centrist Opposition party), have reached an agreement to establish an emergency government. Also, Interior Ministry of the county has postponed the upcoming elections for local municipal and regional councils by at least three months.

In what could be a perturbing sign for Tel Aviv, several drones may have permeated into Israeli airspace from Lebanon.  Local media is replete with reports of Lebanese drones setting off alerts in multiple areas as they take an unpredictable path. An additional war front in the North would mean an unwanted split in men and material for Israel.

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